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Product - Mixing Mill
~ Rubber Mixing Mill ~

Bale Cutter

Rubber Mixing Machines are designed for a rapid and homogenous mastication and mixing of Natural and Synthetic Rubber, Beckolite, Melomine, P.V.C. and Industrial chemicals with other compunding ingredients as per desired specifications. The Mixing Mills are supplied with chilled cast iron rolls with efficient cooling and heating system. Reduction gear unit, Electric Motor, Starter and Electro Magnetic Brake for emergency stoppage on request.

Salient Features:

BASIC RMM SERIES: RMM Series cover Rubber Mixing Mill from laboratory to production sizes. There are extra heavy duty models with coparalbe sizes and are of sturdy design and construction.
STAND & CAPS: Well designed for load bearing under extreme working conditions,Graded casting with Single setting machining system, confirms consisitent accuracy and alignments.
BEARING BLOCK: The rolls bearing blocks are of cast iron fitted with circle gun metal/phosphorous bronze. The rear blocks are stationary while the front blocks are adjustable by means of screw with square threads.
ROLLS: The machine is provided with chilled alloy cast iron roll/ carbon steel rolls hollowed for efficient cooling/heating.
WORM GEAR BOXES: RADICON/ELECON worm reduction gear box of appropriate specification ratio of 10:1 with torque absorbing coupling on motor and machine ends are provided for culminating power loses.
BASE PLATE: The main base plate are of channel steel fabrication and has perfectly machined top & bottom surface. It required no foundation.
HELICAL GEAR BOX: Self designed and manufactured V-Belt driven type helical gear box of ration 4:1 is perfectly aligned and has steel shafts and helical machine-cut gear.

Range Available:

RMM1 6" X 16" 7.5 / 960 2-3 Kgs
RMM2 8" X 18" 10 / 960 4-5 Kgs
RMM3 10" X 24" 20 / 960 8-10 Kgs
RMM4 12" X 30" 30 / 960 20-25 Kgs
RMM5 14" X 36" 40 / 960 30-40 Kgs
RMM6 16" X 42" 60 / 960 40-50 Kgs
RMM7 22" X 60" 125 / 960 60-80 Kgs

Worm Type Gear Box: 10:1 ratio
Helical Gear Box (V-Belt Driven): 4:1 ratio

Note: Different types of machines as per clients requirements can be created.

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